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"My son has gone to MMS for three years now and is thriving and happy. The teachers are outstanding and the education is exceptional. The opportunities for the children to learn in an environment that supports their abilities and strengths is truly a highlight of MMS. My son has been able to develop his academics while exploring his interests in the sciences and history. He is only 6 and can have an animated conversation about a multitude of topics. Another major strength of MMS is the strength of socialization and the way peer interaction is supported and enhanced by this learning environment. MMS is setting my son up for not just future success but also happiness and healthy relationships with others." Frumes Family 

"I have two children at Montgomery Montessori, my oldest for the past five years (he is now in 2nd grade). It would be easy to go on about my childrens' growth academically, the dedicated teachers, the outstanding curriculum, and the independence and love of learning both of them have acquired. For me though, the most important thing is that they have both come home with a smile on their faces every. single. day. Never have they said that they had anything other than a great day. They love their friends, their teachers and their community. As a working mom, who picks them up from aftercare at 5pm every day, I can't ask for anything more. Every member of that staff shows so much love to these kids, you would think they were their own. It's like a second home for them, so for them to be thriving academically and becoming little amazing people that I enjoy the company of on top of that, I'm a happy mom." Goodstein Family 

"My daughter has been a student at MMS for the last 6 years. My son has been there for 3.5 years. We have watched them grow not only academically but with confidence and independence. The teachers at MMS are extremely kind and loving. We truly enjoy this community of families. We look forward to our youngest starting school here in a few years." Doyle Family 

"I have been a parent in the Montgomery Montessori School community for the past five years. My three sons have thrived and continue to thrive in this wonderful nurturing environment. The teachers foster independence, continually encourage the students to work to their highest potential. They embrace and inspire each child. My three sons have grown academically and socially and I highly recommend Montgomery Montessori school." Beaver Family 

"Montgomery Montessori School has played a major role in our children's lives for the past three years. Next year we will have a child enrolled in every level (primary, elementary I, and elementary II). We are very happy with the school and cannot imagine being anywhere else. I've spent time touring dozens of other schools (public, private, Catholic, Waldorf, and Montessori), and none of them even come close to offering what we get at Montgomery Montessori School. I am so grateful for the educational experience we've had thus far. My husband and I believe it is well worth the short-term investment to create a lifelong learner. Our children love to go to school every day. They thrive in the comfortable, nurturing environment that is MMS. They never get lost in the shuffle of an over-sized, understaffed classroom. Their work load is never too easy or too hard for them. It's just right, thanks to the follow-through on Montessori philosophy and the dedication and attention of their teachers. They've gained both independence and confidence at this school."Jones Family- (Primary & Elementary Parent) 

“ Our personal experience with Montgomery Montessori School and the members of their amazing staff have far exceeded our expections in both education and overall school atmosphere for our son, Nicolas. Nicolas has grown stronger as an academic student while at the Montessori school which has been proven by opportunities that he has been able to participate in outside the normal school environment. He has strengthened his leadership skills by knowledge sharing with the younger students at school that he has thoroughly enjoyed. He has also been able to freely express his creativity and his art through the assistance of his teachers at school. This was not an available option for him through other public or private schools that he has previously attended in New York. The investment in Montgomery Montessori School for our son has truly been one of the best decisions we have ever made. We encourage any parents that have considered the Montgomery Montessori to make the positive change for your child or children and you will be truly impressed by the difference and growth that you will see in your child/children. Through Nicolas' academic commitment and the assistance from its Director and the teaching staff, Nic’s high school dream has come true. He recently received two scholarships from Storm King High School and he will be attending SKS in the fall of 2013. Words cannot express our gratitude to each of the staff members and even though Nicolas is excited for a new beginning in High School, he told me that he is sad to leave such a positive and nurturing environment.Thank you all very much, as we will always remember Nicolas'educational and life experiences at MMS. Warm Regards, Michael & Joanna George" (Middle School Parents) 

"Montgomery Montessori is a beautiful school in a warm, loving environment with an attentive and caring staff. It truly feels like family. The Parents are involved and together we create a culture of learning and love. The sense of independence and empowerment in my Daughter has grown tremendously. They have wonderful afterschool workshops that are both exciting and enriching. Our Daughter loves that recess can often be spent down at the river (and so do we). We feel the teaching methodology is superior to that of other schools, public and private, and it s shown in her progress every day. The opportunity for individualized instruction lends itself to guiding each student based on how they best learn. Our Daughter LOVES going to school!" Cruz Family-(Elementary Family) 

"My daughter began attending Montgomery Montessori School when she was 3. MMS outshines any preschool program I've had contact with and I am glad that MMS is an option for elementary and middle school as well. MMS has been an excellent fit for my daughter. I have watched her grow from a shy child who watches on the sidelines to a confident participant and even a leader. My daughter has been exposed to so many interesting and diverse experiences through art, music, Spanish class, stories, celebrating different cultures and even banking. The director and teachers are very receptive to feedback and always address my concerns in a sensitive and respectful manner. I appreciate feeling included in my child's education by getting to view pictures of my child's day on a regular basis and through field trips and events. The community of parents whose children attend MMS are always welcoming to newcomers, and support each other like a great big extended family. As a parent I am very happy to drop my child off each morning to a school that I know will nurture her emotionally and socially while challenging her academically." Fred Family-(Primary Parents) 

“The first time I entered your school it felt like loving arms wrapped around my granddaughter and me. It was an experience that is hard to put into words. How wonderful the academic world would be if all schools, for all grade levels gave you that feeling. One is never too old to appreciate an environment like that." Grandma Schufa

"The Montgomery Montessori School has been nothing short of extraordinary. The remarkable staff has nurtured our son academically, culturally and emotionally as evidenced by his exceptional progress during the first year in the elementary program. We cannot adequately express the gratitude we feel for finding these dedicated professionals and this amazing school." Kerzner Family- (Elementary Parents) 2015/2016

"Montgomery Montessori School has been such an integral part of our lives eversince my daughter started there 2 years ago as a toddler. Today she is 4.5 and has been nutured by the school and teachers into becoming a socially, spiritually and emotionally responsible child. MMS has proved to be an extension of her home, where there is abundant, love, understanding, nuturing, mentoring and the right amount of discipline and structure, which has helped in her all round growth. We are so happy to see that she is growing in a truly "wholistic Manner". Thank you MMS for being such an important part of our lives." Chakravarty Family- (Primary Parents)

"We have two children currently enrolled at Montgomery Montessori School (primary and elementary) and a third on his way. The school and staff have been amazing to our family! I could not have asked for better educational experience thus far. My daughter can't wait to return in September because she misses Ms. Mattila." Jones Family (Primary & Elementary Parents)

"Our daughter will be starting her third year at this wonderful school. She has flourished because of their child-centric approach. The teachers don't teach AT the students, but facilitate each child's innate sense of wonder and discovery of the world, allowing them to progress at their own pace. If you want a child-centered,holistic education for your child/children, this is the place to be. We are so fortunate to have this school in the area! As our daughter says, MMS is "great, fun and fabulous!" Laubscher Family (Elementary Parents)

"My daughter came to Montgomery Montessori School last year for Kindergarten and had a wonderful time. She excelled in Math and is so excited to learn new things in First Grade. I love how MMS goes above and beyond to offer many different experiences for the children such as sign language, cooking, gardening, and Spanish just to name a few. The personal attention each child receives is so important and really helps them to blossom as individuals. I am very happy with this school and am very excited to see my daughter continue to grow at Montgomery Montessori!" Smith Family (Elementary Parents)

"Our daughter started MMS last fall and has flourished. The school has helped her to be independent, teaching practical life as a lesson. She has a passion for learning new things and the school gives her the tools and support she needs to learn. I feel she is ahead of the curve because of MMS. We also appreciate the sense of community the school brings as well as their holistic beliefs in nutrition and well being. Our daughter will be attending the school for many years to come :)" Lallis Family (Primary Parents)

"There are many things we love about this school. We are so happy we came across it and MMS fell into our laps last year. There are so many benefits to a Montessori school and MMS offers so much. The first time I walked into the MMS classroom while the primary children were working...I was blown away. It is such a quiet environment while they do their work. My son has learned so much there that go...along with our morals and values. He is learning a sense of self worth, independence, kindness, respect, generousity--all while learning. Academics is important to us---and the way he is learning here will help him in years to come..all hands on and sensorial. The children help each other out--like a mentoring approach. All the enrichments programs---spanish, art, music, cooking, gardening, and giving back to the community. Most important we also chose MMS so he will develop a "love for learning" and "learn how to learn". The primary program at MMS is a gentle, nuturing environment. The attention is impeciable too. You cannot compare the classroom size and attention these kids get to a public school anyday. Carpe Diem!" Rose Family (Primary Parents)

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