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Our Approach

Montgomery Montessori School is a learning community where children are inspired to realize their academic, personal, and social potential to become global citizens. The historically proven Montessori education model supports the whole child, creates lifelong learners, and educates for peace. The resulting academic excellence is supported by a prepared indoor and outdoor classroom environments that inspires self-paced, individualized discovery and love of learning, as well as respect for self, others, and the environment.

Open Registration at our Cornwall Campus Only
Cornwall Campus

Classroom with utensils

Children’s House Montessori of Cornwall - 18months to 1st Grade

265 Main St & 10 Torrey Lane,

Cornwall, NY 12518

Yellow Vest

EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION: (18 month - 6 yo) The Montessori preschool classroom is a "living room" for children. Children choose their work from among the self-correcting materials displayed on open shelves, and they work in specific work areas...see more

Girl Coloring

ELEMENTARY EDUCATION: (1st grade) The elementary program offers a continuum built on the preschool experience. The environment reflects a new stage of development and offers the following...see more

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